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HMEA Christmas Party

State Armory

Dec.8th  @ 6pm


Pension Admin. Services

HMEA Arbitration Award April 2017 Summary

2017 HMEA Arbitration Award Full Document

Good Health Gateway

Pension commission Meeting Summary 1/17


Hello all,

Recent news from the administration,

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MERF Withholding Letter

FY2017 Funding Plan Q A


New health insurance rates

Mayor Recommended Budget Fiscal Year 2017

Mayor Bronin’s List for negotiations 2016-2019




HMEA Layoff Process Q&A

HMEA SB464 Opposition Testimony

Notice to Members

Sustainability Commission revised 3 17

457 Plan Contact information

HMEA summary of plan provisions as of 2009

State Latest update

State of the City Address

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cigna summary of benefits 2016 1


cigna summary of benefits 2016 2


30 Minutes Could change your life


Regarding Medical And Dental



 City  And HMEA Proposals


Time clock finger print grievance


Congratulation to the new E-Board Members 

Health Insurance Information


special notice from city regarding Early Learning Center staff

City of HArtford - HR Civil Service Ordinances


Hartford City of-GASB Financials-6-30-14


2014-2015 Employee Health Insurance Premium Contributions


HMEA Letter to Mayor (Click here)

Upcoming changes to the Anthem BlueCare HMO alternative health plan option

12-16-13:  Council passes Ordinance, effective 1-1-14 – increases pension contributions of non-bargaining unit employees. A copy of the complete City Ordinance may be downloaded here.

City moves to increase pension contributions of non-bargaining unit members. Vote scheduled for Monday, December 16th.

Here is a copy of Marc’s letter to Corporation Counsel on the subject ( Link ) and a copy of his comments at the first public hearing this past summer. (Link)




Information for HMEA members affected by the “time & attendance” scanner being implemented by the City

  The question of security and privacy regarding the storage of finger scans was posed to City management again recently. There is apparently no actual fingerprint stored in the system, only a mathematical template. There is a (link), which provides further information on this.

We have been advised by our counsel that the City does have the legal authority to implement this process and that action on our part would probably be counterproductive, all things considered.

 If you have any unanswered questions on this issue

Contact number for the President 860-913-4371 




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  4 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Members, today is a monumental day for our union. For the first time as far as I can remember, HMEA has elected to not enter into a four year tentative contract agreement with the City. I am asking for all members to be vigilant and alert union leadership of anything you believe may be happening that may have some impact on our union members so that we can respond accordingly. Our union Attorney, the President and I will be meeting next week to discuss the arbitration process.

  2. I have not received the tentative agreement “the contract” the City promised to me on Monday/Tuesday of this week with the most recents edits. I am giving the City one more day to have this to me, otherwise I will instruct our union attorney to send the City a letter rescinding the contract and move full steam ahead with the arbitration process.

  3. Members should be made aware that our union is grieving the Time Force system. If you or any other member have used the system and have had problems with the system, we would like to know. Please contact the union President.

  4. In light of the recent counter proposal to the Mayor, this union voted to give concessions which will equate to thousands of dollars in give backs from our paychecks. Keep in mind we are in arbitration and without a contract for several years. Our previous labor contracts were also delayed. Many of the bargaining union members have not had a raise in six years that we could keep. The new proposal will extend this pain further another three years, thus effectively yielding a no pay raise to speak of for nearly a decade!
    Weighing these events, a union member can only conclude that the union is either inept, unresponsive and/or underperforming. So what can be done, if anything?

    1. do nothing
    2. decertify our union
    3. switch unions

    The first step in the process is to submit a petition to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) sighed by at least 30% of the members of the bargaining unit. Secondly, the NLRB will hold an election. For those that would choose to stay in HMEA, pay hundreds of dollars in union dues per year and see no union reforms or even a pay raise, then that is fine. I believe switching unions may finally end this long standing turmoil between many HMEA members and the City.
    In the meantime, seeking outside help to organize such a task is in order. For those looking for finality in getting a decent raise. Please provide feedback.

    Thank you.

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