E-Board Members


Executive Board Members:

J. Sean Antoine – President—860-913-4371
Marlene Fleeting- Executive Vice President
Desmond Sinclair- Treasurer
Nicole Plessy-Cloud- Vice President for Finance
Robin Johnson – Secretary
Dalia Ajodhi -Corresponding Secretary
Tara Cummins – Vice President for Membership

Brian Ives - Colleen Kenton
Dave Viens - Kelly Bilodeau
Diana Maldonado

Ares Reps:
Kelly Bilodeau / Signe Martin—City Hall Vernon Matthews—DPW
Noel Lugo — Health & Human Services
Perry-Ann Mendes / Kathy O'Dwyer—Public Safety Building
Claude Trapp / Nicilesia James/ Dave Viens—250/260 Constitution Plaza
Marlene Fleeting—At Large Reps
Amara Shabazz—At Large Reps
Ellen Mccreery—At Large Reps

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  1. Mellessa Milling is no longer with HHS; she’s over at DPH now. You may want to find a replacement for her.

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